about  us
Let all you do be done in love
- 1 Corinthians 16:14

The re-construction of a dream is possibly the hardest but also one of the most beautiful tasks that one can set about. Focusing on simplicity with substance right from weddings to outdoor cinemas has led us to witness the celebration of dreams of many extraordinary people. Formed in 2016 as Bombay’s first vintage design company, Ātisuto is Sabah Sheikh’s brainchild for conceptualising bespoke events.

The eminence of a fairy tale wedding or an avant-garde event no longer lies in the noise it creates, but rather, the nuances of personalisation that is rooted in the smallest of details. We create events that do not end when the night falls, but are lived through again and again through the joy that they impart on to the ones who dreamt it, and the ones who witnessed it.