Be our guest at the most charming wedding of the season.

Tucked away on the banks of the majestic Dubai Creek, the Palm Gardens of the Park Hyatt provide an elysian getaway for our romantic wedding. The grand gardens with their swaying palm trees and streaming garlands welcome both friends and family to enjoy the wedding on comfortable sofas and ottomans, accessorised with fresh, vibrant florals.

Walk up the meandering pathways adorned with clusters of florals and a whiff of romance to our modern garden-style wedding altar. As you approach the altar, you’ll be welcomed by the tranquil ambiance of the noon shade, surrounded by lush greenery. Let the stunning display of overgrown wildflower dunes and gilded chandeliers transport you to a dreamy wonderland. Our luxe Indian wedding has an unconventional Mandap or altar fashioned out of white frames with towering palms on either side.

Guests dine on gourmet cuisine, with wine and champagne flowing as dusk settles in the immaculately landscaped gardens on the luxe Indian picnic inspired tablescapes amidst the palms. As the night wears on, guests dance under the stars and enjoy the ambiance of the ceremonial Baarat and wedding jubilations.

We envisioned a modern minimalist wedding with pastel florals and a hint of Indian flavours to create a picturesque event, and it turned out to be so much more!

The Mehendi

The pre-wedding functions kicked off with an intimate Mehendi ceremony. Plush sofas and blushing pink florals greeted the bridal party. As the afternoon light filtered through the pink panels, it tinted the bridal seating with its hues. The seat was surrounded by dried pampas, creating the perfect juxtaposition for this modern yet eclectic seating for our bride, Abhiti.

The Reception

The decadent garden of blooming roses and towering installations of the flower barĀ  spread their luminance across the reception and set the scene for a night of revelry.
Decadent tablescapes in gilded cages were set for a sit-down dinner, while the stage was alight with dancing couples.

We cherish each wedding, but this one really holds a special place in our hearts.


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